10 best at-home laser hair removal kits 2022: best IPL machines to remove body hair

Maisie Bovingdon

Laser hair removal has been a hugely popular beauty treatment all summer, but for those who don’t want to venture to a salon to get their laser hair removed, fear not, as there are plenty of kits out there. home laser hair removal that you can buy online.

With the cost of living crisis being a big talking point, you might also want to cut down on your beauty care costs during the winter, so you can ditch the down from the comfort of your own home anytime you want.

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Some of the most popular models include Philips, Lux, SmoothSkin and many more, and some of them are available to buy from popular online retailers, such as Boots, john lewis, Lookfantastic and CurrentBody.

What we love about laser hair removal is that it requires you to take a little time to take care of yourself, but also that it can see lasting results, which means you can avoid the rashes or bumps after shaving.

Plus, laser hair removal is a fraction of the pain compared to waxing and threading, so it’s well worth the investment.

Whether you’re looking for a laser hair removal machine to work on all areas, such as your legs, armpits and bikini line, or small, compact models for more delicate areas, there’s something for everyone.

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What is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL?

Some may opt for laser hair removal, while IPL kits are also a huge hit with buyers.

While they both work to remove hair, by targeting the hair follicle, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a “broadband pulsed light source”, while laser is a “monochromatic coherent light source”, as explained on Braun’s website.

But what does that mean? A monochromatic light source penetrates deeper into the hair follicle and is a more concentrated target, ideal for specific areas, while IPL has a broader spectrum and can target larger areas.


Philips Lumea Prestige IPL hair removal device, £359, Boots


Philips is one of the top brands to check out when shopping for IPL laser hair removal tools to DIY your hair removal at home.

There are various creations available from Philips, but the Lumea Prestige is the elite version worth investing in as it uses gentle pulses and flashes of light to target the hair follicle.

It includes a selection of accessories suitable for all areas of the body; from a larger area on the legs to more intimate areas, and it claims to show a 92% reduction in hair after just three sessions.

No no!

No no! Platinum Pro Hair Removal Device, £239.99, Boots


The hair removal device from No!No! is ideal for those looking to take their beauty tool on the go.

This portable device has three settings and uses Thermicon technology, which is a painless heat technology, to gently remove hair for a smooth, hair-free result.

Lux skin

LUX SKIN IPL laser hair removal combo, £65, Lux skin


For those looking for an affordable IPL hair removal device, Lux Skin’s IPL Hair Removal is exactly what you need.

This IPL handset has been described as “the best-selling IPL handset in the world”, by Lux Skin.

It uses light pulses to target hair, but also has skin tone sensing, which means it adapts light intensity based on hair thickness and skin tone to protect your skin. skin.


JOVS Venus Pro Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Removal Device, £319, CurrentBody


The JOVS creation has been hailed as a double threat as it works not only as a hair removal device but also as an anti-aging creation.

It uses IPL pulsed light to target hairs, as well as stimulate collagen and elastin, erase wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation.

This design features a 180-degree head to get into hard-to-reach areas and has six hair removal settings, while ICE technology controls laser temperature to ensure you’re comfortable throughout. the self-care session.

Soft skin

Ultra-fast SmoothSkin Bare+ IPL hair removal device, £155, CurrentBody


SmoothSkin’s attachment has been hailed as a “super-fast IPL hair removal device” as it claims to reduce hair growth in just four weeks with the IPL pulsed flash light feature.

It uses warm flashing lights to target the area and has a skin sensor to easily remove hair in unwanted places.

IPL laser hair removal

IPL hair removal system, £68.80, Amazon


This IPL hair remover has received over 10,000 rave reviews on Amazon, so it’s safe to say that it’s not a product to miss. Not only is this creation top notch, but it is also affordable.

It features advanced IPL technology, which combined with cooling technology targets hair growth, while cooling the skin, which is essential, especially on delicate areas.

It has five adjustable modes, as well as two flashing light functions, allowing you to tailor this hair removal device to your needs.


Tria laser hair removal, £375, cult beauty


Tria laser hair removal may be a bit more expensive, but it uses a laser, which is said to be three times more powerful than other hair removal devices, to prevent hair growth.

It uses professional strength diode laser technology, which combined with the skin sensor, guarantees you a painless yet effective hair removal experience.


Silk’n Infinity 400k hair removal, £295, Lookfantastic


Silk’n is another company-favorite IPL hair removal device because it’s compact and efficient.

It emits up to 400,000 light pulses to reduce hair growth and is safe to use on the face and body.


Sensica Sensilight Pro device, £299.25, Lookfantastic


Looking for a wireless hair removal device, Sensica has what you need.

This hair removal device uses RPL technology, which is reactive IPL, to prevent hair growth in unwanted areas.

It’s a wireless design, ideal for people on the go, and features skin sensors for a comfortable experience. Additionally, it has an energy recommendation setting, so users can personalize their tool.


Braun Silk Expert Mini PL1014 Corded IPL hair removal, £220, Argos


Braun is another hugely popular beauty brand when it comes to hair removal, whether you’re looking for men’s grooming tools or IPL hair removal.

The Expert Mini is a lightweight, compact and portable IPL epilator that uses SkinPro (SensoAdapt) technology to automatically adapt the setting to your skin tone and hair thickness for a safe, efficient and effective epilation experience. comfortable at home.

This kit comes with the hair removal device, as well as a shaver and a travel bag, so you can safely carry it wherever you go in the world.

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