5 at-home hair removal products for an easy hair removal experience

We’ve been tortured for ages with endless, irritating hair removal sessions in salons. With each passing year, the pain seems to get worse and there is no end. But there are easier and less painful (some completely painless!) methods to remove those strands of hair from your body. And what better way to get the job done than from the comfort of your own home? However, body hair is normal and you shouldn’t mind it if you have the confidence to own it. But if you are more sure to get rid of it, you can try these home hair removal techniques. We have compiled a list of methods you can follow at home and get rid of unwanted hair easily.

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5 easy ways to get rid of unwanted hair

1. Shaving

The most conventional and popular home hair removal method is shaving. It’s also affordable and fast. It is also important to take care of the shaved areas after the process. Gentle and proper exfoliation helps reduce the chances of ingrowth while lotion, creams and oils applied later would soften the skin. You must be very careful and use other devices than the normal razor to shave the sensitive areas.

2. Hair removal

It is similar to waxing which removes hair from the roots. Hair removal uses mechanical actions to pull out the hairs. They look like electric razors, but they remove hair at the root level, resulting in hair-free skin for longer.

3. Hair removal creams

Using chemicals, these creams or lotions remove body hair without pulling it from the roots. It kind of dissolves surface hair and if applied correctly can give you silky smooth arms and legs. However, as chemical reactions are involved in the process, it is always advisable to perform a patch test on a small area of ​​skin or if you have sensitive skin, to avoid this method altogether.

4. Sugar

Just like waxing, sugar also removes hair from the follicles. But the sugaring process takes place at room temperature and is done in the same direction as that of hair growth, unlike waxing, which pulls the hair out in the opposite direction. Sugar may not be as painful as waxing because sugars don’t stick to the skin like wax does.

5. Laser treatments

One of the most popular hair removal techniques nowadays is laser treatment. The process is painless, easy and results in a prolonged hairless body. However, it is expensive compared to other hair removal methods. The laser method involves a series of seats in living rooms and is best done under supervision.

We advise you to consult your dermatologist and check what would suit you best. Let us know in the comments section below what your favorite hair removal technique is.

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