A hair product sold at Sephora Canada is the subject of a class action lawsuit filed in Quebec

Calling all Sephora Canada shoppers – if you’ve ever purchased Olaplex hair products from this major beauty store chain, you may soon be eligible for a refund as a class action lawsuit has been filed against both companies. in March.

The lawsuit draws attention to a specific product, Olaplex No. 3 Hair Repair Perfector, because it contains a “hazardous chemical” called butylphenyl methylpropional (lilial).

According to the Quebec Superior Court case filed by LPC Avocat Inc., Olaplex failed to inform its customers of the “serious health risks” associated with the ingredient.

The company would not have admitted to having become aware of the risks linked to the lilial until February 28, 2022.

In the document, LPC Avocat Inc. states that side effects of exposure to this chemical include things like allergies and infertility.

While Olaplex claims the chemical has been removed from this product “worldwide,” the suit claims that Sephora Canada continues to sell Olaplex No. 3 Hair Repair Perfector containing lilial.

If this class action gets permission to proceed, Canadian consumers who purchased the product in question could get a full refund, which the report says is $43 including tax.

The class action also seeks “punitive damages in the amount of $10 million.”

LPC Avocat Inc. has included a form on its website for anyone wishing to stay informed of the progress of the lawsuit.

This lawsuit is currently awaiting a leave hearing in order to proceed.

Olaplex provided Blog MTL with a comment on the matter saying, “Olaplex #3 is safe to use and has no impact on fertility. The claims are said to be completely baseless and we intend to defend ourselves. vigorously against this potential lawsuit, should it proceed.”

The company went on to explain that “In September 2020, the EU regulator announced its intention to phase out butylphenylmethylpropional commonly known as ‘lillial’ by March 2022. At Olaplex, lilial was previously used in small amounts as a fragrance in No 3 Hair Perfector. It is not an active or functional ingredient. Although this removal is restricted to the EU, Olaplex has proactively removed lillial from our No. 3 Hair Perfector worldwide. . »

MTL Blog has also reached out to Sephora Canada for comment on the matter. This article will be updated as soon as a response is received.

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