Alfredo Calligaris, the father of sports medicine died in Bergamo. From the blue avalanche to the 1982 World Cup –

from Donatella Tiraboschi

Farewell to 95, he was a guest of the town’s retirement home. Born in Istria, he obtained his medical degree at the age of 50. Gimondi said: Thanks to him, I no longer have a cold. Brera describes him as: Modeler of men

To everyone, he was simply the teacher. A discreet and constant presence even at the stadium, where it was very easy to meet him in every Atalanta game. And where he was very recognizable, if only for his white hair and thick eyebrows. Pure whites. Alfredo Calligaris, a well-known figure in the sports world, not only in Bergamo for his past as a complete sportsman, died this morning at the age of 95: as an athlete, coach and then sports trainer.

Born in Rovigo d’Istria, Bergamo by adoption, he was considered the father of international sports medicineA 50-year-old medical graduate, he forged dozens of champions in his career.

Thanks to him I don’t catch cold anymore, said Gimondi, talk about him as proof of how Calligaris always worked more on the man than on the athlete, on the mental aspect, so much so that he earned the nickname of The Shaper of Men coined by Gianni Brera . Calligaris can also claim to have included athletic training in football. Atalanta – he said one by one, saying to himself – served a lot for my inclusion in Bergamo, it should be noted that starting from Atalanta we then invented athletic training in football, before we did little or nothing ….

Calligaris followed Gimondi very closely, but also the blue ski avalanche with Gustav Thoeni and Piero Gros, even before he was coach of Inter de Herrera, without a diploma in his pocket, over the years he had also followed the national athletics team, but above all the Azzurri world champions in Spain in 1982.

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