Amy Lost 70 lbs With Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine Weight Loss Medical Program

Amy had struggled for years to lose weight and get in shape. She had tried all kinds of “yo-yo diets” but nothing worked.

A friend of hers had found success with Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine’s HCG medical weight loss program.

Amy signed up and said she has lost over 70 pounds since!

“I used to be slow, and now I have a lot more energy and I’m proud of the way I look,” she said.

Amy lost over 70 pounds while participating in the HCG Medical Weight Loss Program at Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine. (Contributed)

Riverside Spine and Physical Medicine professionals use a holistic approach to tailor their programs to suit each individual. Their rapid weight loss program includes injections of pharmaceutical grade HCG, along with genetic testing, personal training, nutritional supplements, and support programs.

The team provides nutritional advice and lifestyle advice. This helps patients adopt new, healthy habits that promote an active lifestyle and long-term successful weight loss.

“The program has changed my life. I have more energy and a whole new lifestyle, ”said Amy.

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