Best Dyson Hair Tools and Hot Tools of 2021


Shopping readers have a voracious appetite for everything from air purifiers and vacuums to light fixtures and hairdryers. Celebrity hairstylists like Jhonatan Rendon, Andrew Fitzsimons, and Kevin Murphy have all told us they keep a hot Dyson tool in their respective pro kits. Beauty writers like Leila Nejai and I are also fans of Dyson tools. What makes Dyson’s hot tool list so desirable among the beauty community? Dyson claims that its heated tools were designed to help protect all hair types from extreme heat damage and minimize frizz and flyaways, on the one hand: they all use their respective technology and features. patented to help dry, curl or straighten hair. Each heated tool is also relatively light in weight and comes with additional accessories or pouches for easy storage and travel.

Dyson heated tools can be found wherever Dyson products are sold, including Amazon, Walmart and Best buy. You can also buy Dyson heated tools directly from the brand (however, some of the more popular models, like the two colorways of the complete Dyson Airwrap, are currently sold out on the Dyon website). Specialty retailers like Zipporah, Ulta and Dermstore all also carry Dyson hot tools. With prices starting at $ 400, these Dyson heated tools are an investment, for sure. And there are a few opportunities to save: If you’re looking to save up to 20% right now, for example, consider the Sephora Spring Savings Event, which ends April 19.

To help simplify your Dyson beauty shopping experience, we’ve put together this simple guide to the brand’s current suite of styling tools and accessories.

Dyson made its entry into hot tools almost five years ago with its flagship product: the Supersonic, a futuristic looking and very compact hair dryer. Despite being priced at $ 400, it is Dyson’s most affordable hot tool. In our guide to the best hairdryers, six hairdressers we consulted all agreed that the Supersonic is worth the investment because it is efficient.

Hairstylist Courtney Foster pointed out that the brand’s built-in thermal protection technology prevents heat damage, eliminates frizz and provides plenty of shine, which she says is “crucial to getting a perfect blowout.” Andrew Fitzsimmons told us he appreciates the “Super Lightweight and Compact” Hair Dryer because it is “easy to use on long session days.” Another big selling point, added famous hairstylist Stefan Bertin, is the relatively quiet V9 engine. “I speak very quietly, so customers usually can’t hear me drying their hair, but the Supersonic is so, so quiet,” he noted. Dyson says they combined the V9 engine with Air technology. Multiply found in its fans, which together help dry hair quickly.

The Supersonic comes with three magnetic attachments, each serving a different styling purpose. The straightening nozzle dries your hair with low air flow while the similar looking styling concentrator provides narrow, high speed air flow which is useful when working through sections of your hair. Those with curly hair can use the diffuser, which features prongs to help maintain a natural curl pattern. Naturalists can order the wide tooth comb to simplify the blowing process. Those with a sensitive scalp or thin hair can use the soft circular attachment, which has short pins along the perimeter. If you order the Supersonic directly from Dyson, you have the option of receiving the wide tooth comb and soft attachment free of charge. However, if you order either of the attachments separately, it will cost you $ 40 each. The kit also includes a rubber mat, a travel case and a hanging accessory. Dyson also makes a heat-resistant mount (currently out of stock) designed to fit all three standard magnetic accessories, as well as the Supersonic.

The Supersonic is available in three colors – Iron / Fuchsia, White / Silver and Black / Purple – and has an average of 4.7 stars out of over 2,100 Dyson reviews.

If you don’t already own the Supersonic or are looking to improve your rash routine at home, the Dyson Airwrap might be worth the investment. The Airwrap comes with eight accessories, including the pre-styling blow dryer, which you can use to coarse your hair. Dyson recommends that you coarse dry until your hair is damp to the touch before replacing the attachment with a brush or curling barrel – these other attachments will eventually dry out your damp strands.

The Airwrap is powered by Dyson’s V9 engine, which the brand says creates a Coanda effect that helps the hair wrap around the barrel to curl or straighten it, depending on what accessories you use. For beach waves go for the 1.2 inch barrels and for soft voluminous curls use the larger 1.6 inch barrels. Each barrel has left or right arrows showing you which direction your curls are going. Select the barrel with the arrows pointing away from your face for the most natural curl, Foster advised. “It opens up the face, which highlights beautiful features like the cheekbones and jaws,” she said. “By bending towards the face, he can create a cave, thus hiding the face.” If you are working on the right side of your face you want your barrel to go to the right (or away from your face) and the reverse is true when working on the left side of your hair. If you want a more casual beach look, change the direction of the barrels.

This heated tool has three airflow speeds, three heat settings, and a cold injection button to help keep your style in place. It also comes with a travel case and a non-slip mat. The 1.5-pound heat tool comes in two color combinations – Nickel / Fuchsia and Black / Purple – and has received an average of 4.5 stars out of over 790 Dyson reviews.

“The quality and price make this the Rolls Royce a tool for the hair,” Foster previously told us in our guide to the best flat irons. This $ 500 hair straightener uses ionic technology to help straighten frizzy hair and it goes up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Dyson claims that Corrale’s patented flexible copper plates mold to your hair and create even tension, prevent heat damage and result in smooth hair.

In addition to the 410 degrees Fahrenheit setting, there are two other preset heat settings: 330 and 365 degrees Fahrenheit. The straightener has an LED display that displays both temperature and battery life – depending on the brand, you get 30 minutes of cordless use on a full 70-minute charge. You can also use the hair straightener with the cord plugged in if you prefer. Hairstylist Kristen Shaw, who works with Jodie Comer, noted that the Corrale “will read your hair at the fastest speed without burning it and leave your locks shiny.”

For a full-size iron, the Corrale is also relatively travel-friendly – it weighs 1.8 pounds and comes with a heat-resistant pouch that you can throw in your carry-on or checked baggage. If you order a Corrale directly through Dyson, you can get a free flat brush and detangling comb with your purchase. Like the Supersonic, the Corrale is available in three color combinations: Black / Purple, Black Nickel / Fuchsia and Purple / Black. It received an average rating of 4.2 stars out of over 500 Ulta reviews.

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