Best hair removal cream for men 2022: Be a real smoothie with these easy-to-use fuzz-busters

An evening of comedy is fine, but if you want a free laugh, check out men’s hair removal cream reviews on Google. Some have become internet legends, especially those written by guys who have, uh, “tidy up the basement” and collapsed from using products that were too strong or left on too long. (My favorite is the man who described the after-effects of using cream on his nether regions as akin to the space shuttle revving its engines right behind him.)

This does not mean that depilatory creams (technical name for depilatory creams) are not useful. In fact, they’re one of the handiest — and most effective — tools in a man’s manscaping arsenal.

Easier and less watery than waxing and more effective than shaving (you’ll stay hairless longer and when the hairs grow back the ends will be finer and less noticeable) it’s a great way to eliminate unwanted hair in minutes. .

They work by using chemicals (usually thioglycolic acid) to dissolve the protein structure of the hair at the root, allowing it to be rubbed into the skin and leaving the skin temporarily hairless. Follow our application tips and use one of the creams below and you’ll be as smooth as a Love Island lothario in no time. No kidding.

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Best hair removal creams for men: at a glance

How to choose the best hair removal cream for you

On which parts of the body can I use depilatory creams?

Hair removal creams are great for gradually removing fur growing on your chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, toes, knuckles, and armpits. They should not be used on the face, eyebrows, ears, nose or head.

Can they be used on more intimate areas?

Somehow we knew you would ask this question. Only certain creams can be applied to the pubic area, partly because the skin around your crown jewels is particularly sensitive.

Be sure to only use a hair removal cream indicated for the intimate or pubic areas and always follow the instructions. These special creams can also be used on the buttocks, but are not intended for use between them or around the anus. This is our disclaimer.

Should I do a patch test first?

Yes. Some men’s skin is more sensitive to the chemicals in hair removal creams than others, so it’s always worth being careful.

To test, select a small area of ​​skin you wish to treat and apply a small amount of cream following the application and removal instructions. Then wait 24 hours. If there is no adverse effect, the whole area can be treated in the same way. Keep in mind that you may still feel some discomfort (think mild razor burn) after removal. Fortunately, this should subside after about an hour.

Advice on the app?

First of all, always – repeat always – follow the instructions for use exactly. Also follow the time guidelines. Leaving it on for a few extra minutes won’t give better results but could lead to irritated skin or burnt bumps (never a good look).

Speaking of which, apply only to the areas recommended on the product (avoid nipples which can be particularly sensitive) and if you are applying a cream suitable for intimate use, douse your crown jewels first with a little cold water to tighten them slightly – it’ll make application easier. Apply a decent coat with smooth strokes (imagine you’re buttering a piece of toast) and leave on, without rubbing.

If all hair is not removed at once, you can reapply but wait at least 24 hours before reapplying to avoid “Space Shuttle” skin.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do when applying hair removal cream?

Apart from leaving the product on too long, avoid rinsing with hot water or soap before or after applying your hair removal cream as this can increase skin sensitivity. Use cold or lukewarm water to remove product and do not apply cream to broken or sunburned skin or to spots, moles or scars.

Is follow-up necessary?

You don’t have to treat the skin with skincare products, but it will definitely help calm and revitalize the skin. Manufacturers of some products also offer follow-up balms and moisturizers.

It’s always a good idea to avoid using antiperspirants and perfumes for 24 hours afterwards and to avoid exposing freshly treated skin to swimming or sunbathing. It is also advisable to skip the gym for a few days, as sweating and chafing can irritate freshly treated skin.

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The best hair removal creams for men to buy

1. Boots Hair Removal Cream For Men Chest & Body (Normal Skin): Best Budget Buy

Price: £6 for 200ml | Shop now at Boots

Formulated with shea butter to help soften the skin after use and designed to work on both short and longer hair, Boots’ own hair removal cream for men is a great value budget purchase, priced at does not affect its performance.

It has a good creamy texture which facilitates application and a light and harmless fragrance. It takes five minutes to do its job (but can be left for an additional 2 minutes if the hair doesn’t come out easily) and works a treat on chest, back, toes, legs and armpit hair, but doesn’t not suitable for more intimate. areas.

Practical, it also comes with a small plastic spatula to help you remove the cream, as well as the hair. It is designed for normal skin, so use a cream for sensitive skin or intimate area(s) if yours is easily irritated.

Shop now at Boots

2. Hoosh hair removal cream: ideal for vegans

Price: £8 for 100ml | Shop now at Hoosh

Black-owned British brand Hoosh was launched during the pandemic. It’s no small feat considering the resulting complications, but with many people stuck at home, having to do their own entertainment, perhaps this was the perfect time.

The company’s first product is this fast-acting, vegan hair removal cream, enriched with skin-friendly provitamins, as well as chamomile oil, B5 and witch hazel to minimize inflammation and irritation.

As with most other creams, it is intended for use on the chest, legs, arms, back and underarms, so it is ideal for the general man. Its texture is quite runny, so apply carefully with the plastic spatula provided and leave on for the allotted time (up to 6 minutes if the hair is stubborn) and rinse with a cloth or sponge.

Shop now at Hoosh

3. Barenuts Pubic Hair Removal Cream For Men: Best for Intimate Areas

Price: £13 for 100ml | Shop now at Nutcare

Unlike most hair removal creams, Barenuts Pubic Hair Removal Cream is specially formulated for use on your most delicate parts (the clue is in the name).

Epilation is fairly quick: 5-6 minutes is usually enough, but up to nine may be needed if the hairs are particularly coarse, although we’re not sure we’d risk that long ourselves. If not all of the hair is removed, you can reuse the cream 24 hours later (it took us two swipes to get super smooth results and the first swipe caused a bit of stinging).

The cream itself has a fairly pleasant smell (think cucumber and cut leaves) although it is runnier than some of the others we tried, so be careful when applying. You can purchase a special mitt for removing cream and hair from their website, although a flannel will also work. Don’t be afraid to use it rigorously – if you’re too gentle, you won’t remove hair quickly.

They also produce a special after-care moisturizer that soothes irritation and aims – in the words of the website – to give you a “younger looking scrotum”. Now there is a grooming product you never knew you needed.

Shop now at Nutcare

4. Veet Men Intimate Hair Removal Kit: Best hair removal kit for intimate areas

Price: £7 | Buy now on Amazon

Veet has long been an expert in hair removal, so it was only a matter of time before the company modified its product to meet the needs of men who wanted to wax places a little more intimate than the average armpit.

This value-for-money two-piece kit contains a tube of hair removal cream, specially formulated for use in intimate areas (it includes ginseng root extract to help moisturize the skin) as well as a aftercare balm that contains aloe vera extract to help minimize post-manscaping. irritations and calm inflammation.

A five-minute application gets results, but as with most intimate area makeup removers, you may need a second application a few days later for super smooth results. We found it to be one of the best products we’ve tried, with relatively little irritation. Good for groin, scrotum, buttocks, pubic area and base of penis, but not for other intimate areas, use elsewhere at your own risk.

5. Nad’s For Men depilatory cream: ideal for quick hair removal

Price: £7 for 200ml | Buy now on Amazon

Specially formulated for thick hair and with a fast-acting formula (it works in as little as 3 minutes), this cream from Australian hair removal experts Nad’s is one of the best known and most effective.

It contains aloe vera to help soothe and hydrate the skin, is not too thick or runny but you will need a cloth or sponge to remove it as it does not come with a spatula.

Ironically, given the name, they don’t recommend you use it on, you know, your ‘nads, so save it for your back, chest, arms and legs unless you’re very brave – if you want to write one of those reviews we mentioned at the beginning of this piece.