Best hair removal (depilatory) creams to buy in 2022

Veet, Nad’s, Nair

Let us be blunt – hair removal options aren’t great. Many solutions for getting rid of unwanted hair (waxing, shaving, laser) are either painful, high maintenance, or both. If you’re looking for a painless alternative to waxing or if you can’t stand shaving your legs every day, consider using a hair removal cream.

If the thought of using a hair removal cream gives flashbacks to irritation, rashes, and the smell of a burning fire, rest assured that the formulas available these days are far better than you’d expect. maybe remember. You also have a good amount of options to choose from. Apart Vaniqa, an FDA-approved prescription hair removal cream, there are now a wide variety of over-the-counter options for every part of the body, including the legs, face, and yes, even the bikini area. Not to mention, you can also purchase formulas specifically designed for sensitive skin or thick hair.

Here, keep reading for the best hair removal creams for the job.

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Ideal for thick hair


Depilatory cream

Key ingredients Aloe vera, vitamin E
Good for Thick and coarse hair
Recommended for Legs, arms, armpits, bikini line

Ideal for sensitive skin


Glides Away Sensitive Formula Epilator

Key ingredients Coconut oil, vitamin E
Recommended for Sensitive skin and sensitive areas

Ideal for slowing down hair growth

completely naked

Don’t Grow There Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor

Key ingredients White willow bark, shea butter

best app


Depilatory body spray

Key ingredients Argan oil, orange blossom,
Recommended for Arms, legs, bikini

Best Gel Cream


Gel Cream Hair Remover

Key ingredients Aloe vera, vitamin E
Recommended for Legs, arms

Best facial epilator


Hair removal cream for the face

Key ingredients Sweet almond oil
Recommended for Face
Good for Slow hair growth

Best multitasking epilator


Hair removal cream with natural body butter 3 in 1

Key ingredients Cocoa and shea butter
Recommended for Arms, legs, jersey

Ideal for the Bikini area

Bikini area

Depilatory cream for the bikini area

Key ingredients Green tea, aloe vera, chamomile
Recommended for Bikini area

best kit

Sally Hansen

Depilatory cream kit

Key ingredients Collagen, vitamin E
Recommended for Face

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