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Which lighted medicine cabinet is best?

Dazzling beauty comes from within, but sometimes a little light can help you see it more clearly. A lighted medicine cabinet is an essential part of any bathroom when you need more light. Good lighting makes simple tasks like applying makeup and inserting contacts easier. It can also add a nice finishing touch to any decor.

If you’re looking for clean lines and sleek, modern functionality, the Decadom LED Mirrored Medicine Cabinet is a good option. It includes USB ports and a digital time and temperature display on the mirror face.

What to know before buying a lighted medicine cabinet


A lighted medicine cabinet should be appropriately sized for your bathroom. Smaller powder rooms with single sinks and small vanities or pedestal sinks can fit a 15-inch by 24-inch medicine cabinet that wouldn’t fit in a larger bathroom.

Other sizes that work well include:

  • Vanities 30 to 36 inches wide: 20 x 24 inch medicine cabinet.
  • Vanities from 42 to 48 inches wide: 30 x 24 inch medicine cabinet.
  • Vanities 60 inches wide or more with double sinks: Use two 20 x 24 inch medicine cabinets and place one above each sink.

Built-in or surface-mounted cabinets

Recessed medicine cabinets install inside the wall with the mirror flush and blend seamlessly into the existing architecture. Many people prefer the clean lines of this type of installation, but it is more complex and can be more expensive. Built-in cabinets are best installed in new construction or a total bathroom remodel where the walls are already open.

On the other hand, surface mount cabinets take up more aesthetic space, but they can be easy to assemble on your own and are more affordable if you have to pay an installer. They are also easier to add to an existing bathroom.


The design of the medicine cabinet should reflect the design of the bathroom as a whole. This includes its style, whether clean and simple or ornate and traditional, as well as the material of the cabinet itself.

In general, shiny metals like chrome fit well in contemporary bathrooms, while darker woods and metals give a more traditional or industrial feel.

What to Look for in a Quality Lighted Medicine Cabinet

USB sockets and ports

If your existing bathroom or powder room doesn’t have many outlets, a medicine cabinet with outlets and USB ports can be a big plus. They’re great for charging electric toothbrushes, plugging in your phone at night, and powering hair dryers.

cosmetic mirror

Cosmetic mirrors with 3x magnification or more make everything from applying makeup to tweezing eyebrows easier. They are also great for people with vision problems.

Dimmable lighting

No one wants to walk into the bathroom and have light in their eyes first thing in the morning. Look for dimmable lights to ease into the day.


The demisters are placed in the glass of the mirror. They prevent condensation from forming and fogging up the mirror while you shower.

Digital display on the mirror

If you lose track of time in the morning, a digital display can help. Some lighted medicine cabinets display the time and temperature directly on the mirror – a handy tip if you’re running late or unsure how to plan for the weather.

How much you can expect to spend on a lighted medicine cabinet

This bathroom upgrade isn’t the cheapest. Expect to spend between $300 and $1,600.

Lighted Medicine Cabinet FAQ

Can a surface-mounted wardrobe be replaced by a built-in wardrobe?

A. Yes. However, it is important that you have construction experience or can hire someone to do it for you. You should :

  • Carefully remove and discard the surface mount cabinet.
  • Open the wall to fit the cabinet. Outline the cabinet measurements first as a guide. This is called the rough opening, and it should fit the body of the medicine cabinet so that the lip is flush against the wall.
  • Leave an opening in one of the uprights to connect the electrical wires. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for this step and hire a professional electrician if you are inexperienced.
  • Use the appropriate fasteners to secure it to the blocking which is attached to the studs.
  • Install your shelves, add doors, and connect lights to power (when power is disconnected).

Do lighted cabinets require special care?

A. No. They can be treated like any other medicine cabinet and cleaned using standard window cleaners.

What is the best lighted medicine cabinet to buy?

Top-lit medicine cabinet

Decadom Medicine Cabinet with LED Mirror

What do you want to know: This stylish medicine cabinet has tons of modern features.

What you will love: No more foggy mirrors after the shower thanks to the integrated defogger. This stylish medicine cabinet also features a digital time and temperature display. It has a cosmetic mirror with 3x magnification and the interior light turns off and on automatically. Charge phones and plug in devices with built-in outlets and USB ports.

What you should consider: All of these features come at a steep price.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Lighted medicine cabinet for the price

Illuminated medicine cabinet with mirror Design House Richland

Illuminated medicine cabinet with mirror Design House Richland

What do you want to know: It’s a classic design with wood trim that looks great in small spaces.

What you will love: This surface mount cabinet includes three lights that provide ample illumination. Three narrow doors access three shelves. The frame is made of solid wood and it comes with a one year warranty.

What you should consider: It requires assembly, which can be tricky.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Kohler Bathroom Verdara Collection Medicine Cabinet

Kohler Bathroom Verdara Collection Medicine Cabinet

What do you want to know: It’s a spacious option from a trusted retailer in high-end bathroom accessories.

What you will love: The tempered glass shelves are adjustable. The hinges are slow closing. It can be recessed or surface mounted. There are interior sockets and dimmable lights on the doors.

What you should consider: Some people have noted that you have to remove the doors to fit the shelves.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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