BSC Women Makes Hair Removal Smooth AF with Alaya F, Marketing & Advertising News, AND BrandEquity

BSC Women, a Bombay Shaving Company spin-off, has launched a branded film and campaign named “SmoothAF” starring Alaya F. The campaign is reinventing hair removal solutions for women in the country – which has been a stronghold of traditional and established players and the informal service sector.

The campaign was co-created with The Collective Artists Network and produced by Cutting Crew Films. The brand’s partnership with Alaya shows the actress as herself, through uninhibited movements, playful musicality and progressive imagery in an exciting, daring and badass tone, while maintaining her endearing innocence.

Alaya said, “I was part of the BSC Women’s Tribe even before I signed the contract. I have been using their hair removal products regularly for quite some time and can personally say that they are fabulous. I’m so excited about what the brand is trying to achieve, because I see myself in it so much. I’m delighted that this vibe also manifested itself in the film. Siddha Jain, Director of Bombay Shaving Company Women, said, “There can be no better embodiment of the spirit of the brand and the company than Alaya. From her signed “AF” messages to her way of moving, Alaya F is a nonconformist and personifies the daring and shameless women of today. We are thrilled to have her as the face of the brand because not only is she absolutely talented and gorgeous, but she constantly challenges the status quo while being 100% genuine and kind herself. Our association with her is a step towards strengthening the connection with our consumers who are eager to change the game and take the world by storm.

Shantanu Deshpande, CEO of Bombay Shaving Company, added: “This is a very exciting phase for us. We have always been convinced that the business of women will lead us into the future. Today we are loved by those who know us. But thanks to the nature of the women’s personal care category and this new association with Alaya F, we’re on our way to taking the plunge and becoming a brand loved, talked about and shared, across the country.

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