Facial hair removal with IPL: tips and expert advice

IPL treatments are effective and safe for many parts of the body, including the legs, armpits, and face, but there are some areas to avoid. Dr. Wong recommends not using the device above the cheekbones. It is also best to avoid treating the nose and eyes (the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the face and prone to sensitivity). Do you remember that facial attachment we mentioned earlier? It was designed to have a smaller flat window so you can effectively and gently treat chin, upper lip and sideburn hair.

“Using IPL shouldn’t require you to make big changes to your skincare routine,” says Dr. Wong. However, daily sun protection should be preferred (a morning SPF is essential). It is also best to avoid products that may sensitize or irritate the skin before and after treatments, such as exfoliating acids (eg glycolic or salicylic acid) and anti-aging actives, especially retinoids and antioxidants. It is especially important to remember this during the first four treatments, as they are more frequent.

As for aftercare, Dr. Wong suggests keeping your skincare routine simple and uncluttered to allow skin to recover as quickly as possible. “For 48 hours after treatment, avoid exposing the skin to too much extra heat, and you may want to avoid saunas, hot yoga, steam rooms, or any strenuous exercise,” she says.