Here’s the $3 hair product North West uses to style her ponytail

North West, the eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is my favorite person on TikTok. The 9 year old can sing, dress up, create content and now do her hair better than me at that age. In a recent hair tutorial posted on North and Kim’s shared TikTok account, the rising star gives herself a chic low ponytail paired with sky-high posed edges.

Like most girls with curly hair, North starts out with wet braids for more manageability. She then grabs what appears to be a combination of leave-in conditioners and smoothing creams for hair prep. Unlike Kim’s notorious middle part, North grabs her rattail comb and gives herself a curved side part followed by a generous coat of US$3 Eco Style Olive Oil Gel to smooth all her hair in place. The gel is applied to the outer layer of the hair and worked in to achieve a smooth hold throughout. North then uses her Baby Tress Edge Styler to remove her baby hair before putting her ponytail in place. (This method is used on natural hair because it’s hard to pull our edges out after straightening them.) Eventually, Kim is asked for help and helps her daughter brush her hair into a low pony, using a comb to smooth out any bumps. In a final step, North styles a full range of baby hair with some slanting to the left and some to the right to complete her final look.

Watch the full tutorial in the TikTok below. If you’re inspired to try this style on yourself, tag us on Instagram @hypebaebeauty for a chance to be featured.