Is shaving the best way to remove hair? Here’s another hair removal option that guarantees smooth, cut-free skin.

Either you want to wax your body or you don’t. It’s a matter of personal preference and that’s how it should always stay. If you choose to be part of the “hair removal” team, you are exposed to several methods of hair removal – some expensive, some complicated, some much more painful than others.

We are often lost as to which one to choose. Most beauty experts and dermatologists warn us to consider skin type, hair texture, and hair growth before making a decision. We decided to consult an expert to help us overcome this conundrum.

Bombae’s Siddha Jain goes one step further and chooses a trimmer over other temporary hair removal methods. That’s what she has to say –

About Waxing – Waxing is not for the faint-hearted as it pulls hair out at the root causing pain. If your pain threshold is low, you may want to avoid waxing and consider other hair removal options. Waxing can cause skin spots, redness and even boils; the best alternative is therefore a trimmer, specially designed for sensitive skin, and which offers a pain-free experience.

On Epilation – The most dreaded aspect of epilators is the hair growth and skin irritation after epilation experienced by the majority of women. A trimmer, on the other hand, is designed to cut hair with angled blades that never come into contact with the skin. This not only avoids irritation, but also allows you to tackle longer hair follicles.

On Threading – Threading is very painful and usually cannot be done on your own. Going to the beauty salon or calling a salon technician at home is usually a chore and takes a lot of time. A trimmer not only protects your skin from cuts, but also captures hair follicles to effectively conquer your facial, underarm, and bikini line hair!

About hair removal creams – Hair removal creams, commonly known as hair removal creams, contain chemicals that can darken the skin if not used correctly. Those with sensitive skin may also experience unpleasant sensations and chemical burns. Some of the (very famous) hair removal creams dominating the market also smell terrible. To protect your skin from harmful chemicals, you can opt for a trimmer as it is designed to remove body hair without harming the skin.

On razors – One of the fastest hair removal methods, but not recommended if you don’t choose the right shaving technique. Cuts and nicks can occur if the blade is dull or if the product is used incorrectly with shaving foam and aftershave gel. People who are unfamiliar with shaving should opt for clippers as they will not cause cuts, nicks or gills.

About Clippers – Clippers are very portable as they take up little space and don’t require additional products like shaving foams to get the best results. Because they are battery operated, cordless trimmers are easy to maneuver. A good quality mower is extremely durable and lasts at least 3 years if properly maintained. The unit is sealed for moisture protection, meaning the trimmer can be used in the shower. The blades are made of stainless steel which makes them rust resistant. Best suited for people looking for comfort, durability, flexibility and space-saving mobility.

Opinions have always been divided on the most suitable hair removal method for women. However, it is important to carefully evaluate all options before choosing one to remove unwanted hair.