Main causes of alopecia in children and adolescents | Medicine

Alopecia is the partial or total loss of hair on the head and other parts of the body.

People of different ages can face this problem, trichologist Yulia Markova (Russia) listed the causes of childhood alopecia.

According to “Gazeta.Ru”, trichotillomania often leads to childhood alopecia – the pulling of hair by a child from stress. According to the specialist, this can happen when children begin to be weaned from the breast, as well as when the child goes to kindergarten.

“In this state, the child begins to damage the hair on the head uncontrollably. For example, he twists it on his finger to soothe and tears the hair. So, parents observe the formation of pockets on the surface of the leather scalp,” notes the doctor.

According to her, this problem requires the intervention of a neurologist, who can prescribe the child drops to facilitate falling asleep. In more serious cases, according to the specialist, the help of a psychiatrist may be necessary.

Alopecia can also occur in adolescents with eating disorders. With BPD, the condition of the hair cannot always be improved with medication, and the teenager is recommended to consult a psychiatrist and a dermatologist, as well as a diet.

Alopecia in children and adolescents can be caused by an autoimmune disease, vitamin D deficiency, a decrease in hemoglobin or serum iron. All of these, according to the specialist, are reasons to consult a doctor.

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