Married to Medicine Star, Dr. Heavenly Kimes uplifts and empowers women

Dr. Heavenly Kimes, business mogul and mentor to women and younger generations around the world.

Married to the Medicine star, Dr. Heavenly Kimes is just that: an angel in a white coat. As a leading dentist in Atlanta, Dr. Heavenly set out to make everyone smile, with his practice aptly named: Smiles by Dr. Heavenly. She’s proven she’s more than her angel wings with her multimillion-dollar dental practices, her own SmileChangers home teeth whitening line, and her best-selling series of motivational and self-help books. , per Bravo TV, however, there’s so much more to this doctor’s story than his impressive resume.

Through her many business endeavors, Dr. Heavenly is focused on uplifting and empowering women. She constantly strives to close gender inequality in the workplace by creating employment opportunities in her dental and beauty practice, as well as becoming a lifelong connection and mentor to all people she meets. Additionally, in honor of Women’s History Month, Heavenly Beauty Supply will present a series of monthly hairstyling classes to highlight the importance of women’s beauty and self-care. Heavenly Beauty Supply as a whole offers a range of products and services focused on women’s beauty and personal care, including monthly networking events, access to hair care products and bundles, and products dental and eye care.

Dr. Heavenly has also become a mentor and resource for women and younger generations by offering relationship, financial and business advice to his cumulative fanbase of over 1.1 million Instagram followers and 105,000 YouTube subscribers. “Heaven Help Us”, Dr. Heavenly’s weekly YouTube podcast creates conversation around generational wealth building, relationship advice and mental health, which has made her a trusted person to discuss topics that many are reluctant to address.

Beyond her professional accolades, Dr. Heavenly is a devoted mother and wife who supports her family in many ways. Her social footprint alone shares the unfailing support she brings to her son and daughter in their personal and professional achievements. With each new business development and success, Dr. Heavenly never fails to incorporate a family-oriented aspect.

As a business mogul, television personality, and mother and wife, Dr. Heavenly wears many hats and through her expertise has become a leader in her practice as well as a leader in her community.

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