Meet every new and returning cast member

The Married to Medicine The cast is back for Season 9, which promises to be even more filled with intense drama and wild moments for our ladies of Atlanta.

The Bravo series, which debuted in 2013, follows the lives of a group of women living in Atlanta who are doctors themselves or in a relationship with a doctor.

Over the seasons, viewers have watched the ladies navigate and balance their friendships, love, family, and professional lives, and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down anytime soon.

In a trailer for the upcoming episodes, fans get a glimpse of what looks like a very wild trip to Las Vegas, dirty rumors swirling about one of the ladies, and some tension between the band’s husbands.

The cast of “Married to Medicine” is back for season 9.

The trailer shows the return of some familiar faces, as well as a new actor on the scene. So who is actually in the cast of season 9 of Married to Medicine? Here are all the old and new cast members.

Returning Married to Medicine Cast Members

Dr. Jacqueline Walters

Married to medicine Jacqueline Walters
Dr. Jacqueline Walters has been part of the cast of “Married to Medicine” since season 1.
Paras Griffin / The White Dress Project

A devotee of Married to Medicine cast, Jacqueline has been on the show since day one. The star, who has been married to husband Curtis for more than 20 years, is a two-time breast cancer survivor and OBGYN award winner.

Dr. Simone Whitmore

Married to Medicine Simone Whitmore
Simone Whitmore is back for Season 9 of Married to Medicine.
Justin Baker/Getty Images

Simone is another original member of the Married to Medicine Actors and fans will be delighted to know she’s back. She shares two sons, Miles and Michael, with husband Cecil, and has launched her own skincare line.

Dr Heavenly Kimes

Married to Celestial Medicine
Dr. Heavenly Kimes returns to the cast of “Married to Medicine.”
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After appearing as a guest in Season 1, Heavenly served as one of the main cast members of Married to Medicine since season 2. She has her own dental practice and has been happily married to Dr. Damon Kimes for over 20 years. Together they have three children and three dogs.

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe

Married to Medicine Contessa Metcalfe
Dr. Contessa Metcalfe has been part of the cast of “Married to Medicine” since season 5.
Para Griffin/Getty Images

Contessa joined Married to Medicine in season 5. She is married to Dr. Walter Scott Metcalfe and the couple share three children: Lauren, Landon and Laila.

Toya Bush Harris

Married to Medicine Toya Bush-Harris
Toya Bush-Harris Looks Ready for a Dramatic Moment in ‘Married to Medicine’ Season 9
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Toya is an original member of the Married to Medicine cast. In the trailer for the new series, it appears Toya is struggling in her marriage to her husband, Dr. Eugene, with whom she shares sons Ashton and Avery.

Anila Sajja

Married to Medicine Anila Sajja
Viewers of “Married to Medicine” will see last season’s debutante Anila Sajja return to their screens.
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Anila is one of the new cast members, having only joined in season 8. Anila, who owns a hair and beauty retail showroom, is married to Dr. Kiran Sajja. The couple share their children Aryana and Avir.

Miss Quad Webb

Married to Medicine Quad Webb
Quad Webb Makes Welcome Return As Main Cast Member On “Married To Medicine”
Paras Griffin/WE tv

Original cast member Quad only had a recurring role in Season 8, but is back as a main cast member for Season 9. A former medical rep, dog lover, Quad has since branched out into acting. other avenues and once ran her own Picture Perfect Puppy clothing line. She has also published a cookbook.

New Cast Members

Audra Frimpong

New actress Audra Frimpong is a real estate lawyer with a rich Ghanaian heritage and a “strong personality”. Audra is engaged to Dr. Martin Curry.

Married to Medicine Season 9 premieres Sunday, July 10 on Bravo, with episodes airing the following day on Peacock. All previous seasons of Married to Medicine are available to stream on Peacock now.