People use commonly available medications to help them grow beards

So, after yesterday’s announcement that a hair loss treatment might actually work, how about a treatment that might help the less hairy among us grow beards?

Well, the good news is that there is a treatment for you, and it’s exactly the same.

There’s even a dedicated community on Reddit for those using the Minoxidil treatment to help them grow a more robust facial hair style.

Obviously, male pattern baldness is quite a common thing.

In fact, it affects more men than it doesn’t, and can leave people feeling self-conscious and have huge effects on people’s confidence.

However, there are those who can’t grow a beard and really want to, so much so that they buy hair loss treatment in order to grow their hair even more.

This boy doesn’t need any help growing a beard. 1 credit

These folks all meet up on the r/MinoxBeards subreddit to chat about how they’re treating each other, as well as share photos of how it’s going and get advice from the wider community.

If, by some massive stroke of luck, you’re a big fan of photos of people’s chins – no shame here – then this is the place for you.

The good news is that there’s a good chance those looking for beard growth with Minoxidil will stand a chance, because apparently it really does work.

It was discovered following a happy accident in the late 1970s when a doctor observed that a treatment he was using for hypertension was actually causing hair growth in some patients.

This is where the idea that it could be used to stimulate hair growth came from.

Now it can be taken in pill form or rubbed into the scalp, although for the scalp method to work it needs to be left on for a while.

According to doctors, the pill form is more effective anyway.

Although it has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is significant evidence that the drug, which can cost less than 50 pence per tablet, is effective.

However, not everyone can grow a beard so easily.  1 credit
However, not everyone can grow a beard so easily. 1 credit

Dr. Rodney Sinclair – the aforementioned doctor who made the connection to hair growth – presented results in 2015 after treating more than 10,000 patients.

There is more good news for those who are bald or suffer from alopecia, as another drug has been created by the American company Concert Pharmaceuticals that can fight or reverse hair loss.

In May, it was announced that trials had shown the drug was effective in four out of 10 participants, who were able to regrow 80 of their hairs in a year.

This is great news for people with alopecia, as well as those who are simply losing their hair.