‘Shaq, it better be waxing’: Charles Barkley faces tough choice over whether Lakers legend’s mark has pregnancy test or not on Inside the NBA

Charles Barkley was put through the ultimate test on Inside the NBA, having to decide whether or not Shaq has a pregnancy test or waxing.

It seems that the producers of TNT have no shortage of nice content to spoil us. Their fantastic quartet on Inside the NBA always seems ready to try new ideas. What makes it even better is that Chuck, Shaq, and Kenny are still able to laugh at themselves.

This allows TNT’s production team to brainstorm unconventional ideas that other networks might not be able to implement in practice. Many times that translates to Inside the NBA with some of the most hilarious TV segments we’ve ever seen.

NBA fans were fortunate enough to have another segment like this one night the Warriors knocked out Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center. Chuck, Kenny and Shaq were all prodigiously fiery when the Nets fell.

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Charles Barkley faces tough choice over whether Shaq has a pregnancy test

What followed after the game was a guessing game – one of many that TNT played Chuck. This game was called The Big Shill – appropriately titled given how O’Neal lends his likeness to everyone.

Chuck and Kenny’s guesses allowed us to confirm to NBA fans the existence of Shaq Trucks, Shaq Eggmakers, Shaq Cereal and the Shaq Burgers. However, when it came to choosing a real product between hair removal and pregnancy tests, Chuck lost it.

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We then deduced from the graph itself that Shaq had neither hair removal nor pregnancy test. The segment also featured a tweet where an NBA fan jokingly asked about the general’s association with him.