Smoothskin bare + IPL review: fast, painless, at-home hair removal

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First of all, we love the simplicity of this gadget. It’s slightly larger than your palm and comes in a neat and compact kit containing an instruction booklet, device, plug cable, and power supply.

Since it’s wired, you are slightly limited when using it, but it doesn’t seem to be any less effective. Our reviewer had never tried an IPL device before and found the booklet, with large, clear images and helpful, easy-to-follow instructions. Just plug it in, attach the power bank and go.

To start, you need to press the button in the center of the device, which will flash white, then place it as flat as possible on the skin. If it is not flat enough, the center will flash red and stop working. It took us a few tries to get it right from the first treatment, but it gets easier with each use. So easy in fact, by week three we were treating our leg with one hand and going through TikTok with the other.

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The legs are by far the easiest place to treat as you can hold the button down and slide it along larger areas. Whereas with the armpits, it is a little trickier to try to put it flat on the skin. Thus, Smoothskin recommends making a tampon movement to treat these small areas of skin.

The flash is very bright, and we would have appreciated a pair of protective sunglasses in the box, as it can be quite tiring on the eyes, especially if used at night. To reduce this, we have found it to be best used in daylight, especially on the armpits. and chose to wear our usual sunglasses.

It feels slightly warm, but it barely feels like something is happening with every flash, but it promises. We persevered, and after two treatments we started to notice that the hair that was growing back was thinner than our usual light brown hair. By week three, hair regrowth was short, less dense, and difficult to spot, even when we spent a few days between shaves. He still has that bristly feeling, but he seemed unable to push any longer than that.

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Progress may seem slow at first and it can be difficult to see how your hair grows back because every time you need to use the device your skin needs to be shaved, so at first this may seem like the only reason there is has little hair growing back, this is because you are constantly removing it. However, at weeks five and six we started to see longer term results and between treatments the hair regrowth decreased.

The verdict: ultra-fast SmoothSkin bare + IPL hair removal device

This IPL machine from Smoothskin is incredibly simple to use and would be ideal for anyone who is feeling lazy but still wants to enjoy the long term results that devices of this type can provide.

If you are new to home IPL, this is the perfect choice for beginners. There’s not much to dislike, it’s a fast as it claims, and even though it’s wired, the device’s compact size and long cable mean it wasn’t. not at all restrictive. We were able to access more difficult to reach areas like the back of the legs with ease and it also cut down on the tedious charging time.

Our only advice, since it emits a continuous flash, we recommend using it in the daytime, as it reduces the brightness. Also, since your skin should be smooth during and between treatments, we found it easier to use the device after a shower, when we had just shaved with our Flamingo razor (£ 8, Boots. com).