Sophie Piper reveals her favorite hair product and it costs less than £ 10

Love Island 2020 star Sophie Piper – aka Rochelle Humes’ sister – has revealed her favorite hair product and it sounds dreamy.

The reality TV star did a Q&A on her Instagram story and after one of her followers asked about her hair care, she was quick to reveal it all.

“I have so many products to recommend, but let me keep it short and sweet.

“From the biotin supplements that I take literally every day, castor oil is amazing and this coconut hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie from Shea Moisture – which is so good.”

She added, “And some of the Cantu products that I really love. It’s just about finding out what really works for you.

“I really try to do as many hair masks as possible.”

Sophie’s She Moisture hair product costs less than £ 10 on Amazon and promises to help define curls and reduce frizz – it’s a win-win.

Discover: Sophie Piper’s Favorite Hair Product

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Shea hydrating curl enhancing smoothie



Not only does this curl enhancing smoothie contain Neem and Coconut Oils that help nourish and condition hair, but it also restores shine, protects your hair from breakage, and helps define your curls.

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In other Sophie related news, she was recently called out by Shaughna Phillips on Instagram.

After one of Shaughna’s followers asked her if she was still close to Sophie, she admitted, “Uh, I would if that bitch answered my messages.

“So yes, consider the shots were fired.”

Luckily all is well between the couple and Shaughna added: “And can you just answer me please Sophie, I love you, bye.”


To be fair of all the Love Island series, last year is probably the one where the majority of the cast have remained friends. Well, except Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott …

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