The 12 Best Hair Tools for Bridal Hairstyles in 2022

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The last thing you want for your wedding is a bad hair day! If you’re a bride-to-be, get ready with the right hair tools, products, and accessories for the perfect look. From texturizing spray to hair extensions and dry shampoo, there are a variety of options that can make your (and your stylist’s) life easier on the big day and ensure you feel your best when you walk. in the driveway. For an overview of the best hair tools for brides, as well as tips for choosing your wedding day look, we spoke with wedding hairstylist and braiding expert Jayme Lawrence.

Meet the expert

Jayme Lawrence, also known as Braids By Jay Law, is a Los Angeles-based boho braid stylist who specializes in weddings, teaching classes, and hosting braid bar pop-up events .

“When choosing your bridal look, prepare inspiration photos for your hairstylist and makeup artist! Make sure your inspiration photos are doable with your hair,” says Lawrence. “If you’re not planning on getting extensions, don’t bring photos of people with extensions or fake hair!”

To help you feel and look beautiful on your special day, we asked Lawrence to share her top hair styling tools for every bride-to-be. While there are plenty of options for different hair types, there are some must-have products that she swears by. For a hairstyle that lasts from the altar to after party, she recommends Kristin Ess Loose Styling Powder and Kenra 25 Professional Volume Spray. For updos with a little extra shine, her favorite accessory is the Hair Comes the Bride Beaded Bridal Hairpin.

Read on for the best hair tools for your bridal looks.

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“It’s the one product I can’t live without! Texturizing powder is the key to creating the perfect bridal hairstyle. It adds sticky texture to your hair for long-lasting style and adds the extra volume you need. need on the wedding day.! I’m going to tease the hair at the roots and add this powder for more volume. Kristin Ess powder is my favorite, but Big Sexy Hair and Puff Me have great powders too.

Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron

“The Bioionic iron is a must-have for hairdressers. This extra-long barrel and high heat intensity make it a perfect iron for long-lasting curls. It’s a bit of an investment, but if you’re someone who needs help to hold curls, this one’s for you.”

kenra hair spray
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“Kenra has the best smelling and best quality products. I’ve used several hairsprays and this is my favorite so far. I apply it to my hair before and after styling and it leaves my hair shiny and helps hold curls all night long!”

Beaded bridal hairpin Etsy
Courtesy of Hair Comes the Bride.

“I use this site for accessories, hair inspiration or to find other artists and sellers. I love this brand’s hair accessories because there is a huge selection at affordable prices. My favorite (and most versatile) accessories are bobby pins.”

hair extensions
Courtesy of Zala.

“These are my favorite extensions! Zala has an affordable halo that I tell all my brides to get. When I was married, I needed something affordable and easy to work with for fine hair. Zala offers many different lengths and colors making it easy to color match.”


“The texturizing spray is a must! This spray is a lightweight, all-natural product that is loved by so many hairstylists. It adds volume and texture to your hair, and I love using it before and after curling my hair. hair.”

Ouai Haircare Dry Shampoo

Courtesy of Sephora

“Dry shampoo is essential to have on hand on the wedding day. Most clients think that having dirty hair is best for styling, but clean or day hair is actually best. If a client has oily hair, this is the perfect product – it sprays well on all hair colors and makes hair feel fresh while adding a fresh scent.”

Kenra Hot Hair Spray
Courtesy of Ulta.

“This spray was created to protect your hair from excessive heat from styling tools. Before styling each client, I spray it on their hair to protect it from all the heat I use. It also leaves a shiny finish and a fresh salon scent that I love.”

BaBylissPRO curling iron
Courtesy of Ulta.

“These little irons are adorable and can be found at major retailers like Target, Ulta and Amazon. I love using the one inch iron to create those dreamy Hollywood glam curls! This iron can create beachy waves or tight curls and I love how versatile it is.”

clip in beach wave extensions
Courtesy of Glam Seamless.

“These are my favorite clip-in extensions because of their softness and good construction. The clips won’t damage your hair and they’re simple to use. They have 70 colors to choose from and you’ll be sure to feel like a fame when you wear them.”

bridal floral hair clip
Courtesy of Jay Kay Braids & Bridal.

“It’s my one-stop-shop for bridal accessories. Founder, Jessica Keife, offers affordable bridal accessories including hair clips, veils and earrings. I always have her accessories close at hand. handmade so that they can provide last-minute additions on wedding days.His products are the perfect blend of elegant and laid-back bohemian style.

bellami hair extensions
Courtesy of Bellami.

“Bellami wigs and extensions are made from 100% human hair, with over 40 colors to choose from. They are reliable extensions that are guaranteed to be top quality – they are a bit more expensive than others, but they are extremely nice to work in. They roll up nicely and feel so real.”

What to Look for in Hair Tools for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to creating a bridal look you love, whether you do your own hair or do it yourself for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, having the right tools and accessories will make the process easier. styling process.

Consider hair type, texture and thickness

Think about your own hair qualities as you evaluate the products you might need to achieve your dream bridal hairstyle. Do you have fine, oily hair? Try incorporating dry shampoo and hair extensions into your glam routine. For brides with straight locks, a high-quality hairspray and curling iron will help keep your hairstyle in place.

Remaining power

You want your wedding day hairstyle to last all day and all night, so it’s essential to look for tools and hair products that will help you stay in place. Consider styling powder, like Kristin Ess Loose Styling Powder, and a strong hairspray. Using a premium curling iron or straightener is also recommended.


Between hot styling tools, hair products, and teasing, styling your bridal look can seriously damage your luscious locks (but that gorgeous up-do you’ve been planning is totally worth it!). Therefore, it is crucial to prep your hair with products that will help it withstand heat and tangles. It’s a good idea to use a heat protectant spray or styling cream to prep your hair for styling ahead. Using natural shampoos and conditioners, as well as moisturizing hair masks, after the big day can also help your hair recover from tangles and tightness.


  • When choosing your bridal hairstyle for the big day, consider your hair type, length and texture first to help narrow down your options. (Although brides with short or thin hair may want to consider hair extensions for more styling options.)

    You’ll also want to keep your venue and the aesthetics of your wedding in mind. If you’re having a black-tie wedding at a chic venue in the city, you might consider a slicked-back ponytail or straight hair with a bridal headband. Planning a spring wedding in a garden? Casual curls and bohemian braids make the perfect hairstyle for you.

  • Being ready for your glam wedding day routine is key to keeping the prep schedule going smoothly and on schedule. Lawrence’s top tips for making sure you and your bridal party are prepared for hair and makeup on your wedding day include:

    • To try before your big day to play with different styles and options.
    • Establish a fixed schedule for the morning of your big day.
    • Have a table and chairs ready for your hairdresser and MUA.
    • Be sure to allow multiple stylists if you have a large bridal party!
    • Use hair extensions to make your hair look fuller and your braids thicker.
    • Have day-old or freshly washed hair.
    • Prepare music, snacks and champagne for you and your girls for a fun morning!!

  • If you’re doing your own hair for your engagement party, bridal shower, or even your wedding day, Lawrence recommends watching tutorials on YouTube. “My passion for braiding started when I discovered Chrissy Rasmussen on YouTube. She and her team do fun and simple tutorials online and they taught me everything I know,” she says. Just make sure to practice several times before the big event!

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