The 7 Best Tweezers for Hair Removal in 2022

Hair removal on your face, or anywhere else on your body, is and should be completely voluntary. But, if you choose to opt for the world of best facial hair removal devices, the humble tweezers still reign supreme. Whether you’ve been using the same ones since high school or looking for your first set, finding the best tweezers for hair removal can seem daunting not because there are so many different options, but because the differences between them can be as thin as a hair (pun intended).

So, Marie Claire turned towards Mary Phillips, Tweezerman Brow & Lash Pro Partner, on what she looks for in a great tweezer and the unexpected details that make all the difference. Keep reading for his expert opinion (and favorite pick!) and answers to all your must-have questions. Great brows are in your future, so grab your favorite tweezers and the best brow pencil ever and get to work. Ahead, shop options from Tweezerman, Joey Healy, Ruby, and more.

What material should tweezers be made of?

Phillips says stainless steel tweezers are best because stainless steel “is non-allergenic, so it doesn’t irritate the skin,” she says. “It’s also super durable and easy to maintain.”

What else to look for

The metal of which a tweezer is made is important, but also a somewhat unexpected detail: the grip. “The grip and tension of a tweezer are very important features,” she says. “I trust the way a Tweezerman tweezer fits in my fingers and has the right amount of tension to allow me to do my job effectively.”

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Meet the Experts

Mary Phillips

Mary Phillips is a renowned celebrity makeup artist who counts some of the most famous models and Hollywood stars among her clients. Known for creating the most flattering, dewy and flawless complexions, Mary takes a less is more approach to makeup, letting every woman’s natural beauty shine through both in person and in photos. Mary’s fresh and breathable makeup application has resonated with a loyal following on social media who trust her for her innovative yet actionable beauty tips.

Joey Healey

Joey Healey

Recognized for his forward-thinking vision and incredible technical skills, Joey Healy is one of the most influential and sought-after brow specialists in the industry. With his knack for creating the perfect arch, Joey launched his brow empire in 2010 with his flagship product line, Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection, which followed in 2011. In 2012, Joey opened his flagship studio Fifth Avenue Joey Healy EyebrowStudio. (opens in a new tab), a stylish brow sanctuary for its unisex and jet-set clientele. With his popularity growing rapidly, Joey expanded with a new team of brow proteges at a larger New York location in 2015.