The 9 Best Shavers for Sensitive Skin 2022 — Gentle Hair Removal


Raise your hand if irritated skin is a daily norm (🙋🙋🙋)!! If the mere thought of shaving gives you chills, welcome to the sensitive skin club, but let’s face it, this shit sucks. I’m talking razor burn, redness, itching – or all three if you’re me, which, yay. So when the time comes for me to shave off unwanted hair, you better believe I cringe at the thought. Well that’s until I found some of the best razors for sensitive skin that somehow gave me silky smooth skin without irritation.

Take it from someone who’s tried their fair share of DIY hair removal methods, attempted to wax their legs at home, and even spent the bucks on their own laser hair removal device. If you’re not careful, you risk irritating your skin even more. (Which, spoiler alert, isn’t fun.) So when I found out that the best way for me to remove unwanted hair required a razor specially designed to be very gentle– and I didn’t have to test any other experimental “cures” – you bet I was sold. And because I want you, my friends with sensitive skin, to feel the relief of what a gentle razor can do for your delicate skin, I’ve rounded up nine of the best, including, yes, razors for your bikini line. and your face. -below.

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Best overall razor for sensitive skin

Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Razor

So, are you telling me that one of the best razors for sensitive skin costs less than $13? ! Yes, yes and yes ! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find a product for your sensitive skin that does its job. Take this razor from Gillette, for example; the five blades are ultra-thin, so they to glide on your skin instead of irritating him. Bonus: an extra tape of moisture will protect your skin from any nicks or cuts.


Best two-in-one razor for sensitive skin

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor

I’m the kind of girl who’s always late. I’m talking about running out, makeup in the car, a little late. So when I found this razor, which doubles as a shaving cream thanks to the added bar of soap, I was sold. One less step in my routine?! I completely agree. The bar soap is packed with vitamin E and aloe, so rest assured that your skin will be hydrated without irritation.


Best electric razor for sensitive skin

Panasonic women’s electric shaver

Shaver?! No, not here, thanks to this baby. If you prefer an electric razor, Panasonic makes an excellent one for sensitive skin. This three-blade cordless shaver is made with hypoallergenic stainless steel which works especially well for sensitive people. Not only that, but it includes a special pop-up trimmer for your bikini line. Although it is marketed to be used with or without water, I personally find that it works better and is less irritating when used in the shower.


Best razor subscription service for sensitive skin

Billie Razor Starter Kit

The key to shaving with sensitive skin is changing your razor blades regularly. If you’re a normal, busy person, you may forget to do this as often as you should (hello, that’s me). Enter: The Billie Razor. For $10 you can buy the Billie Starter Kit, which includes a razor handle, two blades, and a magnetic stand. The best part? You can register at razor blade delivery service, which sends four blades for $10 as often as you want.


Best facial shaver for sensitive skin

Sephora Metal Facial Razor

True story: I shaved my face with the same razor I used to shave my legs. Another true story: it broke me. Don’t be me, use a razor specially designed for your face, considering, Good, your face is delicate. This metal facial razor from Sephora comes with three replaceable blades and is very gentle on your skin. You do not believe me ? Perhaps the 23K fans of this product will convince you.


Best single blade razor for sensitive skin

Oui the People Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

Ugh, my vanity would look very chic with this baby. Featuring a single blade, this razor will give you the cleanest shave ever, without pulling hairs or irritating. For those with super curly hair who usually find themselves having to navigate areas that have already been shaved, this razor gets the job done the first time. Tip: These razors sell out FAST, so buy one before they do.


Best Bikini Line Razor for Sensitive Skin

fur trimmer

Just as you shouldn’t use the same razor you shave your legs with on your face, you shouldn’t use the same razor on your bikini line… well, in most cases. This bikini trimmer has been designed with all the domains from body to mind: Use it anywhere from head to toe. In my personal experience, I find it works best as a bikini trimmer. The rounded blades and LED spotlight give me the closest shave without nicks, cuts or irritation.


Best sensitive skin razor for a close shave

Flamingo Razor

The 360° Comfort System—AKA the flexible hinge and weighted handle— is designed to give you a very close and clean shave the first time. This means that there is no need to go back over these points and irritate you further. For $9, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal. Editor’s Note: I use this exact razor daily and am obsessed with it.


Best safety razor for sensitive skin

Beveled safety razor for men

If you are unfamiliar, a safety razor is a tool made to last where instead of changing the entire disposable cartridge head, you only change one blade. Not only are they more eco-friendly razors, but they are also great for sensitive skin. Instead of three or five blades running over your skin in the same area, you only have one, which is supposed to reduce irritation. This one from Bevel is specially designed for curly or thick hair. (And just because it’s marketed for men doesn’t mean all genders can’t use it!!) If this is your first time using a safety razor, you should definitely consult a Tutorial!

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