The battle for smart hairdryers: two next-level hair tools to try right now

Buying a hairdryer that costs as much as your smartphone isn’t for everyone, but let’s face it, some of us think that great hair is just as essential as our daily mode of communication. For those who want to upgrade to a smart hair dryer with all the features, two new options are here to straighten, straighten and dry hair at warp speed, Judy Jetson style.

Gama Professional IQ Perfetto

Candidate n ° 1: Gama Professional IQ Perfetto hair dryer
Price: $ 399
Characteristics: The IQ is the lightest, smallest, and most powerful hair dryer we’ve ever seen. Weighing 10.4 ounces, it’s just a bit heavier than the average smartphone. You would never know by its super quiet sound that it contains a 110,000 rpm motor.
What it does best: Its sleek, lightweight body makes it the perfect blower for professionals who frequently struggle with a sore arm from all-day drying, or for quick, powerful styling at home that won’t take up a lot of vanity space. This little wonder can also remember personal settings, so all you need to do is press a button to achieve the same combination of speed and heat for each blow.

Tineco Moda One smart tumble dryer

Candidate n ° 2: Tineco Moda One smart tumble dryer
Price: $ 299
Characteristics: Made by a company known for its impressive vacuum technology, the Tineco Moda One, with its smart iLoop sensor technology, is on autopilot to give you smooth blowouts without any additional thermal damage by measuring hair moisture levels. and the air temperature 20 times per second. An LED light ring that surrounds the dryer changes color to indicate whether the hair is wet or dry and how much moisture is contained in the strands. Magnetic attachments are a nice touch and the accompanying smartphone app has more pre-program modes for use with kids, pets, and cooling functions.
What it does best: It can self-adjust to choose the perfect heat and airflow settings for drying hair while keeping it healthy, bouncy and shiny. However, with the push of a button, you can choose the maximum airflow options to feel the full effect of this impressive 1400W dryer.

The final verdict: The name of the game is Features. I had my stylist present when trying out the two blowers for the first time. From a professional (her) and newbie (me) perspective, we agreed that every dryer has features that make them worthy of a place on the bathroom sink. Both blew us away for different reasons, so the choice really depends on the user’s needs. For the purpose of this showdown, we’ll call it same. Each smart dryer has its own merits and both get 5 stars from us as they are major 2020 upgrades over the plug and play dryers of our past.

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