The list’s exclusive survey shows the most common hair removal method

According to The List survey, the most popular hair removal method is shaving. Unsurprisingly, shaving received 72.33% of the votes, a very popular way for people to easily remove hair from the comfort of their bathroom. Shaving is so commonplace that companies have created razor subscription services that provide you with new razors every month; If you’ve been using the same old, rusty three-blade razor for months because you keep forgetting to buy a new one from the store, we highly suggest you give it a try.

In second place with 13.17% is waxing. This method of hair removal takes more time and setup, but the results last longer than shaving and can help avoid razor burn. The American Academy of Dermatology warns of the many precautions to take before doing home waxing and strongly suggests consulting a bikini waxing professional.

Laser hair removal and hair removal creams like Nair tied with 5.5% of the vote. Laser is a longer and more expensive method than applying topical hair removal creams, but the results are very long lasting. Spinning (2.33%) and sugaring (1.17%) are two other less popular alternative hair removal methods, but a great alternative to traditional razors.

If you constantly suffer from ingrown hairs or razor burns, you may be using the wrong hair removal method. Consider checking out those shaving mistakes you didn’t know you were making.