The only hair product Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian use


If, like us, you are guilty of paying more attention to your face than your hair, you may have noticed that your color is not as bright as you would like.

Without a glam team on hand with a suitcase full of sprays, creams and gels we were on our own, luckily we had a close watch on a family who spends more time in the glam chair than Ru Paul .

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are paying more attention to their hair than we’ve ever done, or should they be their hairstylists.

Kylie’s is Jesus Guerrero and Kim’s is Chris Appleton, but we all know the sisters love to swap team members.

From our interviews with Chris and product breakdowns on his Instagram, we know his all-time favorite hair product is Color Wow’s Dream Coat – a silicone-free spray that smoothes and keeps hair moisture resistant until the end of the day. ‘to 72 hours.

In fact, it was the product Chris most recently used on the amazing ’90s blowout blow-dry he did on Jennifer Lopez.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that we spotted Kylie using the exact same spray in her Instagram Stories.

Instagram / kyliejenner

Kylie recently changed her hair, documenting her short natural hair on her last vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands, before changing it to mermaid-length beach waves.

This is clearly the one versatile product that we all need to add to our dressing tables ASAP.

Waouh color

Color WOW Dream Coat Spray Supernatural 200ml

WOW color

£ 20.80

Plus, it’s much cheaper than hiring a glamorous team …

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