The super popular hair product that you must throw away immediately – it’s so dangerous!


Styling your hair is almost never complete without the finishing touch of a product, and from dry shampoo to hairspray, spray products are a staple in styling routines the world over. That made things even scarier when Procter & Gamble last week announced a major recall of more than 30 spray styling products due to the potential presence of benzene, a chemical known to cause cancer.

Earlier this month, P&G announced that the recall would include a number of Herbal Essences, Aussie, Old Spice, Pantene and Hair Food aerosol products. Unfortunately, this was not P & G’s first recall, and in November they issued an advisory on Secret Deodorant and Old Spice aerosol products which may also contain benzene.

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“Exposure to benzene can occur by inhalation, orally and through the skin and can lead to cancers, including leukemia and cancer of the blood of the bone marrow and blood disorders that can be life threatening The recall states, noting that the recall products probably did not contain enough benzene to be considered truly dangerous for customers. That being said, the recall will be carried out in “an abundance of caution”.

Benzene is a carcinogenic chemical often found in gasoline and cigarette smoke. Inhaled in large quantities, benzene can have potentially fatal long-term consequences, so it is essential to eliminate the offending products, despite the small amount found.


The affected products, which are listed in the P&G recall, have been called for immediate removal from shelves, with strong recommendations for those who own the products to throw them away without finishing the bottle. P&G will offer refunds on the recalled items.

Dry shampoo is undeniably one of the most popular and commonly used hair care products on the market, so check the list of all recalled products to make sure your favorite is not included.

Fortunately, P&G specifically noted that dry shampoo products not listed in the recall are safe for continued use, and “the scope of this recall and other products may continue to be used as intended, including products from spray dry shampoo aerosol with ranges of production codes different from those specifically communicated.