This drugstore hair product sells two bottles every second across the world

When packing an emergency beauty kit before any big event (eg weddings, reunions, etc.), there is one beauty product that is always included first: dry shampoo. Anti-blowout is one of the best innovations to ever hit the beauty industry, after all its power to revive days-old hairstyles in seconds is totally unmatched. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that dry shampoo as a whole is such a bestseller, but we had no idea that a specific dry shampoo would fly off store shelves at the astounding speed of two bottles. per second.

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According to The daily mail, Batiste Dry Shampoo sells 2.25 cans per second worldwide, which is an incredible achievement considering the number of dry shampoo options currently on the market. With 13 different scents ranging from “floral” to “tropical”, this styling product instantly refreshes hair without water, eliminating grease and flat strands. The brand even offers “Hint of Color” selections for those who want to add a bit of shading to their roots, making it a good choice for those who want to mop up the grease. and cover all visible grays.

With prices ranging from $ 2.50 for the miniature version to $ 9 for the full-size, this dry shampoo is pretty good value, which is great news considering you’ll want to have a bottle of it at home, in your car. , and at your desk at the same time (hey, you never know when your hair is going to need a total reboot!).

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