Ulike launched the Sapphire Ice-cooling Air3 hair removal device with actress Koe Yeet

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, popular beauty brand Ulike officially announced that famous Malaysian actress Koe Yeet will be the spokesperson for hair removal device brand Ulike in South East Asia. Ulike will partner with Koe Yeet to share medical-grade ice-cooling hair removal technology with more beauty lovers and bring a whole new fashion of beauty technology to Southeast Asian women.

Ulike, the leading hair removal brand, launched its new flagship product, Ulike Air3 hair removal device, in Shanghai on September 16. This new era was ushered in with details of co-creation with Ulike users during the early stages of product development for the very first time. Ulike incorporated these ideas and suggestions into product planning and once again embarked on a journey of technological breakthroughs. The goal was to make the new Ulike sapphire ice-cooling tech hair removal device “more comfortable, faster, with more efficiency. While making the device lighter, thinner and more advanced”.

The Ulike Air3 sapphire hair removal device has reached a new level of energy efficiency. The total energy used has been increased to 21J, which makes hair removal effects stronger and better. Improved sapphire crystal cooling technology also allows the product to freeze faster and longer. The result is less pain during use, even during longer sessions. Ice cooling technology is achieved three times faster than the original, saving the user time and making hair removal more comfortable. In addition, the new product is equipped with intelligent automatic continuous eyelash technology. The light output speed is increased to 0.7s, which means the hair removal speed is faster and more efficient. Further improvements have also been made regarding energy leakage by reducing the ineffective area to 1.9c㎡.

“We don’t stop at improving the experience,” said Ulike’s Product R&D Manager, “High technology with user-friendly design is our ultimate goal.”

Ulike has more ideas for users to feel more comfortable when waxing. Compared with previous products, Ulike Air3 sapphire hair removal device is lighter, thinner and more advanced overall. It adopts a variety of colors, including purple and brown, which are more in line with the aesthetic tastes of the user. Ulike also maintains the cutting-edge technology product design, creatively applying the Apple PMMA material to the device. The result is a product that looks great in any home and is easier to grip during use.

From pioneering the use of sapphire crystal cooling technology on home hair removal devices, to constantly questioning ourselves. Promote product iterations with technological breakthroughs, dig deep into user needs, and continue to increase investment in technology research and development. Ulike’s core brand DNA is deeply rooted in “technical innovation”. Under the guidance of these innovative concepts, Ulike has created a comprehensive ecosystem and established two global technology R&D centers at Shenzhen and Seoul.

At the same time, Ulike has also introduced domestic and foreign professional medical academic institutions and platforms, including SGS Banque Notaire Générale Suisse, for in-depth cooperation. So far, Ulike is far ahead in the number of patents held in the field of home hair removal devices at home and abroad, with nearly 100 global patents, of which foreign patents account for more than 20%. On October 10, the Ulike Air3 sapphire hair removal device was launched on the main platforms of Shopee and Lazada, and users in Southeast Asia can purchase the experience immediately.

Koe Yeet is a well-known Malaysian female artist. She made her debut for many years and has garnered a lot of attention in the local entertainment industry. The best-known works are 《Titoudao》 and 《The Ferryman · Legends of Nanyang》 of these two years。

In 2021, Koe Yeet was crowned Best New Actress at the Asia Content Awards held by the Busan International Film Festival by 《Titoudao》, reaching the international stage.

You like hope that this time with Koe Yeet to make the “Sapphire Air3” hair removal device, it can convey the energy of women’s independent personality, so that more women can courageously pursue the beauty of “pleasant self, self-confidence cool”!

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